New beginnings can begin with a single moment...we decided to make a few moments


To embrace our philosophy of overcoming challenges, we’re developing what we call the Business Card Program. Throughout our community we see men and women standing along the streets, homeless, or stranded in a portion of life. Often these individuals have signs asking for assistance in the form of food, money, or anything that could be of help. Instead of simply giving out food or money, we wanted to do something different; something that we feel will make a difference.  What we're going to offer is a business card with our logo, contact information, and a message offering them two meals, breakfast and lunch, along with a payment for one day’s work. We want to offer assistance, but it's not just assistance, it's something more.

The idea behind this project is to work with local businesses, churches, governmental groups, etc. to generate tasks and jobs that can be completed in a single day. Once the jobs are created and outlined, we'll offer the jobs to the BCP recipients in return for a day’s work. The CA crew will assist in the project, give oversight to the BCP individuals, and ensure the projects are complete to the specifications and satisfaction of the job requirements. In return, the project will generate a positive impact on the community, give assistance to individuals in need, and offer the encouragement to overcome a life obstacle. 

We want to embrace the idea of paying it forward, and we feel one of the best ways to do that is to help those around us find a new path through encouragement, work, and support. By bridging the gap between the needs of the individual, and the needs of the community, the BCP overcomes challenges faced by both groups. Through our efforts, we hope to help the community grow and flourish, while rebuilding struggles and hardships into well-being and sustainability.