The Challenge Accepted Gym - Motivation Within and Out


Physical fitness and wellbeing have a number of benefits for any stage of life. Unfortunately, individuals often find themselves not knowing how to begin the journey, or how to progress once they start. Physical fitness is also plagued with imagery promoting the idea that you are not good enough if you don't look a certain way. This is a major deterrent, rather than motivator, often defeating an individual before they even start. At Challenge Accepted, we not only want to change that message, but redesign what it means to be physically healthy, inside and out. To do that, we're creating the Challenge Accepted Gym.

We believe that physical fitness and wellbeing is about feeling the best you can, not what pictures show you in a magazine. It's also a means to work through stress, obstacles, challenges, anxiety, illness, trauma, and hardships. To be fit means, physically fit, bodily fit, mentally fit, and spiritually fit. Every individual has their own set of goals and benchmarks, and we want to help achieve those goals. We've decided to build a gym that changes the focus of fitness from a physical image to a way of life, centered on you being the best you possible. To do this, we’re building a unique program reflective of our values, allowing us to serve others while giving back to our community.

The Challenge Accepted Gym will function in 3 essential tiers:

  • Tier 1) Basic Membership. This membership will be a standard membership as seen in other gyms. We will offer a monthly, 6 month, or 1 year option at regular price. 
  • Tier 2) Half Priced Membership. We believe in giving back to those who give to us. To that end, we're offering membership at half the cost to anyone who works in any capacity as a public servant. This includes law enforcement, firefighters, medical professionals, education professionals, etc. 
  • Tier 3) Free Membership. At our core, our intent is to help anyone who has accepted the challenges of life. If someone is currently struggling with a life impacting event, we're offering a safe environment to release some stress and let go for a while. PTSD, depression, anxiety, separation and divorce, cancer, rehabilitation, all of these and more are situations that change the course of our lives. Our philosophy is to encourage anyone facing these challenge to focus on recovering and overcoming. If they've accepted the challenge, we'll take care of the cost. 

We truly believe that a healthy life begins when you're the best you that you can be. We want to help you achieve that goal. Whether you're an experienced gym-goer, haven't been to a gym in years, or never been at all, we want to offer our 'home' to you. I encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or comments, and consider coming to see us as soon as the doors are open. We'll keep you posted on how things are progressing as new information becomes available!

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