Challenge Accepted: The action of doing is the foundation of who we are. This is how we leave our footprint.


We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams, take on personal challenges, and achieve the goals of their life. Our mission is to reach out to the world around us, and encourage the inspired to accept the challenges of life, big or small. We’ve done this by getting involved in community projects, school programs, and other social activities. We promote this philosophy through our actions rather than just by words, believing the best way to encourage those around us is to go out, take action, get involved, and make an impact within the community.

In a world that struggles daily in the light of being told its lacking, needs something more, or isn’t good enough with a filler, our goal is to drive the change for something better. A single supportive voice can help bridge a dream to reality. A community of supportive voices can help build bridges for a lifetime. Challenge Accepted is about giving simply because we can, and encouraging everyone to go and try regardless of the outcome.

We believe in trying anyways, we believe in supporting all dreams, goals, and challenges big and small. We believe that our stories are your stories, and your stories are our stories. Take a moment to look at some of our current and upcoming projects. For more information, questions, or comments, please get in touch with us!

Challenges Accepted in and around our community



From an idea generated on a family vacation to a functioning business, Skykone examples how believing in a dream, chasing the dream, and never giving up leads to an amazing end!

brown belt

Following a dislocated shoulder, and a prognosis of never recovering full use and mobility again, the path of karate was seemingly impossible. That was until it was decided it was going to be possible!


pull up

Exercise always has the end goal of making you a better you. Sometimes the best goals are those deeply rooted in a personal accomplishment. For one, this was to clear the bar; next is to do it twice!