When you believe something is impossible, it remains impossible - until you decide to try it anyways


Challenge Accepted came to life after I heard a number of stories from individuals who didn't try something because of what someone else had said. They were told they couldn’t because they weren’t good enough, fast enough, smart enough, this enough, or that enough. Sadly, those words of discouragement often came from their friends and family. To me, that’s simply tragic.

Today's society tells us that by ourselves, we are not good enough. At least we're not good enough until we have their product, and that after we have their product, everything will change. We're told we need to have the right clothes, the right appearance, the right body type, the right this and the right that.

They’re wrong.

I put together the idea of Challenge Accepted with the intent of reaching out to those within my immediate circle. I quickly realized this was far bigger than just me, or my circle. Soon I had friends, and strangers, wanting to get involved. I didn't want to just create something focused on the bottom line, nor did I want to create something that was impersonal or unapproachable. I wanted to create a community, a network, a hub of individuals that truly felt compelled to work with one another, inspire one another, and push one another to take on all of the challenges of life, big or small. Then have them show the same level of commitment to anyone they may encounter.

I feel passionate about the philosophy of ‘try anyways’ and looking beyond those that would try to discourage your passion or dreams. I wanted to build a company that encouraged anyone who knew the Challenge Accepted name to go out and do. Go out without fear or reservation, concern about what anyone else thought, and know that they were supported to go do those things that they wanted to do. I wanted to build a community where anyone who saw the Challenge Accepted logo would know they were supported, encouraged, and ‘yes they can’.

Through our shared stories and adventures, struggles and victories, I want to build a community, a network, an environment where the journey is just as important as the outcome. There is no such thing as failure when you're willing to learn from the experience as you go. I want to share these experiences with you and remind you that you're not alone, you have our support, and anywhere you see the Challenge Accepted logo, you know that we're all in this together. 

Justin Kurth - Founder

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