Coaching through experiences and expertise


One of our fundamental goals is adding value to the lives of individuals who are looking for direction, support, and encouragement. A key to this endeavor is working directly with individuals, groups, and companies looking to gain personal insight, new direction, confidence in their actions, and developmental balance. The focus of our life coaching is to bring insight and value into the lives of our clients, helping them to realize their potential, understand their personal goals, set up attainable benchmarks, and move from a place of uncertainty to absolute confidence. Below are some of the areas that we currently explore with our clients.  

  • 1) Communication. A significant area of challenge in our lives is grounded in our communication patterns. Whether listening or speaking, communication continues to be a struggle for many. In this area of our coaching, we explain the causes of communication loss, explore techniques used for expressing thoughts clearly, and how to listen with focus. We also look into areas that make effective communicators, the hurdles faced in communication, and how to build rapport when you speak. When communicating with an employer, employees, friends, or family, understanding how to communicate, the barriers to the communication, and how to build bridges across the gaps builds confidence. Our goal is to develop this confidence and build functional tools to help in almost any conversation scenario.

  • 2) Life Balance. In a day frequently bombarded with hurried tasks, activities, events, and life in general, finding balance can be a major struggle. We offer coaching on how to build a manageable daily routine, balancing life, work, and play. We discuss the advantages of understanding your personal checkoff list and how to develop the skills necessary to build those lists. We also focus on areas of understanding stress, overwork, and imbalance that cause strain on your relationships and life, seen or unseen. These areas of struggle affect us all, from CEO to the student. Balance is key to a healthy life, and our goal is to help you find, develop, and maintain the balance in life. Our coaching aims to give you the tools necessary to understand yourself and build the balance you need to be healthy in the days and years to come.

  • 3) Goal Development. We all have a tendency to know that there’s more we can be doing. The problem is, how do we figure out what those things are? More importantly, what do you do when and if you can figure them out? This area of our coaching aims to help individuals and companies alike identify the goals in their life. Further, we also help set up plans for understanding what those goals are, what steps can be taken to achieve those goals and how to build an action plan to make it all happen. Through the process of learning how to identify any given issue, our focus is to help articulate how to change a fluid thought into a firm plan, offer steps for moving from inaction to action, and unknown to fully understood.

In addition to the above, we offer coaching in areas of project development, team building, leadership skills, process management, and business advisory.  Our goal is to add value to your life and give you the tools necessary to make an impact within your world. We accomplish this by working directly with you, your staff, and small or large groups. Our workshops and sessions are designed to meet the needs of the client or organization, and are paced to ensure optimal teaching, discussion, and Q&A opportunities. For more information, please fill out our Contact Us form, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.

We look forward to working with you and are excited to help you on your journey. Please don’t hesitate in reaching out and letting us know where you’re currently in need. If we can’t offer assistance for your specific need, we will help you find the right avenue to pursue to get you to reach your goals. Our focus is to help you become the best you that you can be. Whether you work with us, or someone else, we want you to be happy, fulfilled, encouraged, and confident. Life is an amazing journey, and we’re grateful to be joining you in that adventure.