The Challenge Accepted Crew


The Challenge Accepted crew, simply put, is a dynamic group of individuals who wholeheartedly believe in encouraging others to go after their goals, dreams and challenges in life. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their dreams, and that no one should feel the effects of discouragement from someone else for whatever reason. To that end, we're committed to promoting encouragement, supporting the philosophy of 'try anyways', of telling someone yes they can instead of no they can't. We want others around us to do their best, to pursue their dreams, to achieve their goals, and overcome their challenges. We believe in giving of ourselves to the benefit of others, without any requirements of repayment. If this sounds of interest to you and you'd like to join the Challenge Accepted Crew, here's how to do so.  

  • 1) Accept the Challenge. If you believe in our philosophy and want to impact the lives of those around you, then you're in. Simple as that. 
  • 2) Cost. Challenge Accepted exists for the sole purpose of inspiring the inspired and encouraging them to go and do. It's not a special club, a members only, a dues-centric organization. It's a belief, a philosophy, a purpose, a walk in life. The cost of 'membership' is your time, your effort, and your willingness to help when the need arises. 
  • 3) Get Involved. In the days to come, we're going to be hosting a series of events that will offer different ways to get involved. Some will be through community action, others through building programs, others through neighborhood interaction. However, the best way to get involved is to look at your community and help out where help is needed. Any act, big or small, can make a huge difference.  

Being a part of the Challenge Accepted Crew is more than joining a group, it's joining a community. We like to consider it joining our family. When we're working together towards making a positive impact on the world around us, encouraging a child to go after their lofty dreams, lifting up a friend or family member who has a unique goal, helping out a complete stranger simply because we can... great things start to happen. If you'd like to be a part of this family, shoot us a note and let us know! We'd love to tell you hello and welcome you personally. If you'd like to show the world you've accepted the challenge, we have some shirts for that, too. 

Challenge Accepted!

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